Franz Schmidt-Musikschule 

der Marktgemeinde Perchtoldsdorf

Wienergasse 17, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf
Tel.: +43-1-865 43 77-12 oder -11
E-Mail: musikschule(at)

Fiddle Magic

Group I-1 Walking

Group I-2 Running

Group I-3 Tiptoeing right hand pizz

Group I-4 Tiptoeing left hand pizz

Group I-5 Jumping

Group I-6 Skipping

Group I-7 Calistenics

Group I-8 Cartwheels

Group I-9 Stretching

Group I-10 Hopping

Group I-11 Roller Coaster Ride

Group I-12 Toungue Twisters

Group II-1 Stretching

Group II-2 Smoth Sailing

Group II-3 Ski Jump

Group II-4 Climbing up a ladder

Group II-5 Climbing down a ladder

Group II-6 Leap Frog

Group II-7 Hanging by a bar

Group II-10 Shivering slow

Group II-8-10 Shivering fast

Group II-11 Elevator

Group II-12 Scooting on one string

Group III-1 Rocking Horse 2 crossing at the tip

Group III-3 Jumping in place

Group III-4 Hang Gliding

Group III-5 Gliding on Skies

Group III-6 Rubbing your head and patting your stomach

Group III-7 Stepping Backward

Group III-8 Large Step-Small Step

Group III-9 Walking in a minor key

Group III-10 Walking in a minor key

Group III-11 Sliding up and down

Group III-12 Stepping high stepping low